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What goes around, comes around. Jack Nightingale learned that as a cop and discovered that it was just as true in the world of the supernatural. His life changed forever on the day he failed to stop a young girl throwing herself to her death. Ever since, he's been haunted by thoughts that he could have done more to save her. Now her cries for help are louder than ever. Is she trapped in eternal torment? Can Nightingale put things right? Or are the forces of darkness torturing and deceiving him in order to gain the ultimate prize - his soul? Nightingale will have to face down the powers of the police, south London gangs and Hell itself to find out. And evil is closer than he thinks . . .



Nightmare is the third book in the Jack Nightingale trilogy. It was great fun tying up the various plot threads, and I think the ending is terrific.

It was always my intention to write the Nightingale story as a trilogy, but Hodder and Stoughton are keen for me to write more. I have signed a contract to write two more Nightingale books and I plan to do even more than that.

Nightingale is terrific character to write. The only down side is that he is a heavy smoker and I’m writing the books I always get a craving for a cigarette. As I’m a non-smoker it’s a very strange feeling!